Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Every athlete is unique. They come from areas that have huge endowments and from neighborhoods where the tight municipal budgets can’t prioritize youth sports initiatives. We get that.

If you think this doesn’t affect you – stop kidding yourself. Your team will have แทงบอลออนไลน์ away games, and every field is different. You need to be prepared.

The dirty truth about turf is that different surfaces sometimes require different cleats. Where detachable cleats might be perfect, molded might slip. Where molded cleats keep you at the right depth of dig, detachable might get stuck and cause injury.

We break down playing surfaces into five categories: optimal natural grass, wet natural grass, dry natural grass, deep pile synthetic turf and short pile synthetic turf. In this article, you’ll learn about how cleats work on natural surfaces.

Optimal natural grass is the superhero of grass. Weak, puny grass wishes it could be more like optimal grass. Well-maintained natural grass is neither soggy nor bone dry. The natural buoyancy of the grass along with the slightly soft topsoil underneath combine to create a fantastic field for football.

It is also very expensive to maintain, and not many cities can afford the cost t o water the grass and keep an even blade height.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region where these types of fields abound, you should be wearing molded cleats with either a rubber or hard-plastic TPU outsole. Your studs can be rounder and shallower because the ground won’t work against you.

Head to the South and you will probably find wet natural grass. It holds a lot of water that doesn’t evaporate quickly because of the natural ambient humidity. Your cleats should be detachable so you can switch out the depths of your cleats based on the softness of the turf. Deeper cleats, up to.75″ inches long, help you get closer to the hard-packed soil under the sod. Your traction will come from that point of contact, and differing cleat lengths will allow you to be flexible when you’re faced with these variable fields.

Go west, young man, and the fields will get dryer. You might find dry natural grass. This grass is real, but it’s usually shorter and sits on top of very dry, very hard-packed dirt. In those conditions, the grass is nothing but decoration. You need turf outsoles that have softer, shallower rubber studs that allow you to get traction without penetration. In some areas, you can get away with detachable cleats on these hard surfaces. Go for the bulkier detachables rather than the streamlined, peg-shaped studs to give you a lower center of gravity.

By Zaibi